Elekse Electronic Money and Payment Company Inc.

Established with completely domestic investments with the slogan "You just take care of your business"


With 15 years of industry experience since 2005, it continues its activities by expanding and developing its market share and service network day by day.

In accordance with the Law No. 6493 issued in 2013, we received the payment organization operating license from the BDDK with decision number 6662 on 14.01.2016 during the audit process of the payment sector by the BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency).

In order to expand our activities in the payment sector market, which is developing and growing every day, we applied for license expansion in 2018 and as of December 28, 2018, Law No. 6493 No. 12. Article 1. We managed to be the first company to obtain an operating permit and expand its activities in paragraphs a, b, ç and e of the paragraph. As Elekse Payment Corporation, we offer our own developed virtual POS, Bill Collection, Money Transfer products to the use of companies and banks.


Without compromising the quality of service in the areas where we offer payment services

  • By following the latest financial developments,
  • Focused on customer satisfaction,
  • With transparent accountability principles,
  • It is to keep business and transaction performance at the highest level.


To be a leading, reliable, pioneering, respected and universal power in the sector by continuously producing value in the field of payment services and sharing every stage with its customers.

  • Leader
  • Universal
  • Trustworthy

Certificaitons & Licences

BDDK Licence

We started our activities as a licensed payment institution by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) within the scope of the law numbered 6493, on 14.01.2016 with the decision number 6662.

Central Bank

Competent Supervisory Authority: Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Telefon (+90 312) 507 50 00
Postal Address : 06050 No : 10 Hacı Bayram Avenue, Istıklal Street, Ulus Altındag-Ankara


As Elekse, PCI DSS serves as the holder of data security standard certification.