Brand of Elekse Electronic Money and Payment Company

"Our company, which has been operating in the payment sector since 2005, has been providing representative offices since 2007 with the Yetkili Vezne brand.

We offer the collection of all invoices, money transfer and credit card payment services through our representatives in 1000+ representatives throughout Turkey.

Yetkili Vezne

Actions when you become our representative

  • Collection of all Invoices
  • Domestic and international money transfer
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Parts and full top-up yor phone
  • Bus Ticket Sales
  • Insurance Services

Our company, which acts in full compliance with the law numbered 6493 and the regulations and communiqués regarding the relevant law, has arranged its entire financial, administrative and technological infrastructure in accordance with the aforementioned laws, regulations and communiqués.

As a company, we continuously update and improve our system and operation in line with the requests, suggestions and complaints received from our complaints and information systems units and feedback from subscribers and representatives.

We keep customer and representative satisfaction at the highest level with our experienced team with state-of-the-art technical equipment.

We constantly train our marketing team to be as descriptive and transparent as possible to representative candidates

The most important element of representatives and subscribers in the bill payment industry is trust.We have given this trust to all our representatives and subscribers with our sincerity, transparency and sense of responsibility.