Elekse Hizmetlerimiz

As a result of our 15 years of experience as Elekse Electronic Money and Payment Company, we look forward to benefiting from Elekse privileges as soon as possible by examining our products prepared to meet all your payment needs.


As Elekse Electronic Money and Payment Company, we have been providing payment services to our valued customers for many years. Meet our Esnek Pos brand that we have developed for you. You can use all our virtual pos solutions that we offer you through our Esnek Pos panel at no additional cost. You don't have to wait any longer to get paid online. Step into e-commerce with a single integration from your website. With our Virtual Pos product, you can benefit from our installment facility on all bank and credit cards. [...]


Our company, which has been operating in the payment sector since 2005, has been providing representations with the Yetkili Vezne brand since 2007. We offer collection of all invoices, money transfer and credit card payment services through our representatives in 1000+ representatives throughout Turkey. The most important element of the billing industry of representatives and subscribers is trust. We have given this trust to all our representatives and subscribers with our sincerity, transparency and sense of responsibility. [...]


"guvenliode.net" is a service of ELEKSE Payment Corporation Inc., which is authorized by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, which is contracted with the Union of Notaries of Turkey. Guvenli Ode provides safe, low cost and fast sales convenience by eliminating the risk of carrying cash to the vehicle buyer and seller.The seller and the buyer are registered to pay securely, the buyer makes a transfer to the iban notified to him, the sale is made at the notary and EFT is made to the seller by deducting the commission fee from the sale price. [...]