Exposure to malicious attacks such as fraud, fraud, virus transmission, unauthorized access, password and theft of personal information, as the Internet is inherently built on a wide-border structure risk.

ELEKSE Electronic Money and Payment Company Inc. has taken all measures provided by technology to keep these risks to a minimum.

As a conscious internet user, knowing about the issues mentioned below, taking your own precautions will allow you to take more confidence in the actions you will perform over the internet.

  • The green lock icon appearing in the address bar of the internet browser indicates that our website is ELEKSE Electronic Money and Payment Company Inc.and it means you can use it safely.
  • Do not rely on links on other websites or e-mails. Do not use these links for Access.
  • If you wish to access your account through our website, the disposable SMS password is transmitted to your phone. If you experience any problems communicating your SMS password to your mobile phone as an SMS message, please call our call center on 0(212) 235 66 00 and your GSM operator to which you subscribe.
  • You need to protect your card number and password and keep it private. ELEKSE Electronic Money and Payment Company Inc. is not responsible for any damages or losses arising from the use of your password by third parties. Your rights and responsibilities as users are included in the framework agreement you have signed with our company.
  • Don't share your card password with anyone, including company staff, to avoid fraudulent attempts. In case of suspicion of fraud, you should immediately call our call center on 0 (212) 235 66 00 and report the situation.
  • Do not carry your information in writing in your wallet or bag. Be sure to memorize and do not store documents with password information where others can access it.
  • Pay attention to the presence of people watching the keyboard or screen while entering.
  • Elekse Electronic Money and Payment Company Inc. never sends e-mails asking customers for their passwords, requesting their personal information or asking them to be updated.
  • You can follow your Esnek Pos trading and balance information at https://pos.esnekpos.com..
  • Receipts for the transactions you perform are forwarded to your e-mail address or contact address registered in our system in case of your request.
  • If you lose your card or your phone, for which an SMS password has been sent, for any reason such as loss, theft or forcibly taken away, you must immediately call our call center at 0 (212) 235 66 00 to report it.
  • You can report your complaints about problems in service procurement by calling our call center at 0 (212) 235 66 00 or through the "Opinion / Suggestion" section at https://www.elekse.com.
  • You can reach the information, interruptions, announcements and warnings about the services offered on the internet address https://www.elekse.com or you can get information by calling our call center on 0(212) 235 66 00.
  • Do not rely on information received from our website at https://www.elekse.com or through any channel other than our call center at 0 (212) 235 66 00.

You may download the User Information Policy here.


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