The possibility of using virtual pos without starting a company to receive payments online offers great advantages to those who want to sell without having any company.
The internet, which is among the indispensable services of our lives with the developing technology, is also among the indispensables of individuals or companies in trade. In fact, in recent years, the commercial competition on the internet has been very high compared to physical trade.
For many reasons such as easy access to people, sales without sacrificing comfort, minimizing personnel and other expenses, individuals can use virtual pos in product and service sales as well as companies that turn to the internet. Today, organizations that receive many payments provide the opportunity to use virtual pos without establishing a company.

For this, first of all, there should be local companies approved by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey that provide this service. In addition, foreign payment receiving companies can often provide this service.Although it is a legal way due to the transaction through an intermediary company, it will provide a separate advantage in working with the payment company you want by establishing a personal company.
Especially in order to work with more favorable commission rates, many people who want to benefit from virtual pos services without starting a company can also benefit from virtual pos services with both more formal and more appropriate commissions by establishing a private company at least.

The use of Virtual Pos allows your sales to increase, first of all because you offer an easy payment method to your customer. Many people find such payment methods more reliable.
In fact, it contributes extra to the increase in sales because it is a service that allows installments. On the one hand, it offers your customers ease of payment, while on the other hand, it is removed in a number of obligations such as dealing with different banks and opening accounts from each bank. No matter which bank you have, even having a single bank account can be enough to receive this type of payment, as you will be paid into the existing bank accounts of the receiving companies.

In order to open a membership in this service and offer it to your customers, you can get help from companies that serve personal customers that you are not a company. These companies can be domestic payment methods or they can be in foreign companies. However, receiving services from a payment receiving company operating within turkey will offer a greater advantage for you to follow your legal rights in case of possible problems.
Pos information given to you after the account you will open must be integrated into your website. Recently, due to the fact that it is only in companies that provide services in the form of link sharing and their number is increasing day by day, the necessity of having a website disappears if you trade from the places that offer this service.
The product or service you will sell must comply with the general principles of the receiving company. Otherwise, you are unlikely to benefit from the pos service.


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