Although the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to free virtual pos is a service that will be taken completely free of charge, it is essential that a certain fee is paid in these pos services as well. The reason it is defined as free of charge is that no dues are requested for the provision of virtual pos.
It is defined as free due to the absence of monthly or annual fees on or after the first service purchase for free virtual pos. The bank that provides virtual pos service working with this system or the companies authorized by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey receive commissions only on monthly sales.

In this payment method, which you can have without paying annual and monthly dues fees, the commissions to be deducted from your monthly sales vary according to where you will receive service.
Some service providers set variable commission rates based on monthly turnover, while others allow you to benefit from this service with fixed commission rates. A significant number of pos service providers have recently set different turnover ranges and demand commissions according to the sales rates in these ranges.
In this way, instead of paying fixed fees or commissions per transaction, it is seen as a more reasonable offer for the seller to deduct only according to the percentage of your sale.

If we briefly mention the advantages of free virtual pos, we will be able to mention the following.
Many of the services offered with this type of operating system also do not have a minimum sales amount requirement. Rates may vary depending on the sales turnover range you will make only. Thus, if you sell less, the commission rate will be slightly higher, but the amount you will pay will be less than your sale.
It offers an advantage in all types of use. Likewise, if your sales are too high, commission rates decrease, while the amount you pay increases when the percentage of your sale is taken into account. However, the fact that the commission to be paid is too much means that your profits are equally high.
The absence of fixed fees, monthly and annual dues is also a significant advantage of free virtual pos. Especially for e-commerce sites that are still new, it is a much greater advantage.


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