If you often sell any product or service online, you can both increase your sales and give your customers more confidence by using virtual pos service, which is one of the easier and more reliable ways to receive payments.

With the easy payment method you will offer for shopping, the payment that people are accustomed to is a virtual payment method, it leaves the impression that you are fully professional. This tracking helps you increase the number of your customers by increasing the purchasing tendency of the people and therefore you gain more profit.

When you sell online, their confidence in you increases along with the impression of professionalism. In addition, the fact that the page using this payment method is encrypted with SSL security certificates will also attract the attention of people who are good with technology. With this certificate, you will be able to make payments to your customers through a reliable channel.

In addition to the option to make installments, the availability of credit and debit cards encourages people to shop. Especially with the installment options, it is possible to increase your sales by folding

It is a very easy and familiar system to use for both the payers. Thanks to the interface that many people use to pay online, people can make their payments comfortably without being alienated.

It allows you to receive payments with debit and credit cards of all banks using only one screen. Thus, both your customer and you can easily pay and receive.

In order to benefit from this service, you must apply after meeting the conditions laid down by the banks and your application must be approved.
In addition, it is possible to obtain virtual pos through authorized payment receiving companies. If you meet the requirements you are asked to do, the necessary transactions are completed more easily and quickly, especially for the virtual poss you will supply through the receiving companies.
The documents that banks and companies will ask you for are usually as follows. However, it is healthier to learn by contacting the place where you will receive virtual pos service in case there may be changes in the documents according to the bank and company

  • Identity card example
  • Tax certificate
  • Signatory circular
  • Photocopy of the Trade Registry Gazette

Features that should be on the website where the virtual pouch will be used;

  • On the payment page, you must have a 128 or 256 bit SSL certificate. This means that payment pages must be strictly protected against malicious third parties with propeimbursement services.
  • To take advantage of your website, membership must have the text of the agreement, provided that it is submitted to the members and approved for their membership.
  • A separate contract must be found for return and exchange situations.
  • In detail, there must be a distance sales contract and the customer must have the ability to accept this contract when buying the product.

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