Virtual pos systems that increase your online sales and provide your customers with a different payment method also allow you to sell worldwide with the advantage of receiving payments from all over the world. Although these systems have different features, due to the fact that these differences are very close to each other, usually the system works the same way at the point of supply and use.

It is an online payment system that is integrated into the websites sold online and allows the purchase to be completed by paying with the bank or credit card used by the customer without having to deal with anyone on the page directed after the purchase.

This system, which you will use to receive payments, offers many advantages that will be in your favor rather than just receiving payments. Sellers who use this system can have many advantages directly or indirectly.If we briefly touch on these, we can talk about the following.
Offering customers ease of payment and not having to deal with anyone at checkout will give the impression of professionalism. In addition, since it is an online payment method, the customer's tendency to purchase your products and services will increase.
Quick payment also offers the advantage, allowing your customer to complete their shopping comfortably. Since you will be paid from a fully reliable screen, your confidence in your brand will increase. The SSL security protocols used allow your customer to pay on a secure page.
With a single screen, you can easily receive payments from all banks. In this way, you do not need to have dozens of personal bank accounts.
There are methods to get services from all over the world in certain currencies.

Using these systems is the most reliable method you can use on the internet after fulfilling the requirements. Because the protection of payment pages with SSL certificates is an important condition for you to receive and use this service. In other words, if your payment page does not have a 128 or 256 bit SSL security protocol certificate, it is not possible to provide virtual pos systems.
In addition, the organization to which you will receive the service reviews your website, considers other criteria in terms of security and approves your application accordingly.

The only place where virtual POS can be purchased is banks. However, it is possible to obtain virtual POS via payment companies that have agreements with banks and have been approved by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. While the procedure on banks requires a little more time, transactions to be made in companies that provide payment services, which we can call intermediary institutions, progress much faster. If you have a trading infrastructure that provides the necessary conditions and you sell online, you can benefit from virtual pos service through these channels. For this system, which you will apply for as a company, you will be asked for documents such as signature circular, tax plate, trade partnership registration. In addition, on the websites where the system will be integrated, different contracts such as remote sales, membership and return agreements must be present. you can do it by clicking here.


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