You can ensure that your customers pay the amount of the service or product they easily receive with their mobile operators with mobile virtual pos payment methods.
This payment method, which is becoming more and more common, is more preferred especially for payment amounts under 200 TL. Within the limit set by mobile operators, your customers can pay you using mobile operators according to their monthly limits. Their payments are reduced in advance from the balances of mobile phone lines on prepaid cards, while the invoiced line users are reflected in their mobile phone bills.
Thus, billed line users can pay for the products and services they have received after about 30 days.

As one of the virtual poss that works to a different concept among mobile payment methods, it has been widely used recently. The most important advantage is that it allows people to pay for the product they buy through mobile operators in non-cash situations.
While this situation provides convenience for customers, its important advantage for companies is that it increases the trade volume. Considering the data obtained so far, it is seen that e-commerce companies that offer mobile virtual pos payment method to their customers sell more than 30%. This rate goes up to 60% in some e-commerce sites.
By including the payment methods of your website where you sell products or services, you can increase your sales at incredible rates. While you will have the advantage of increasing your sales, it is possible to increase your brand awareness as it will cause you to be preferred more.

In order to have this payment method, which offers more advantages for businesses compared to other virtual pos payment methods, you can use some 3. Party organizations do not require company ownership. For this service to be provided only if the website to be used is examined and the conditions are suitable, some virtual pos provider organizations require a company. In order to benefit from this service, it is sufficient to establish at least a private company, but it provides convenience.
You can have this fast and preferred alternative payment method and integrate it into your site and increase your sales significantly in a short time.


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