The widespread spread of internet technologies in recent years has caused companies and individuals to sell their products online and create a separate competition here. However, in addition to those acting entirely with commercial concerns, it has set out to gain unfair profits from this technology in people with ulterior motives. You can be safer with these people by taking into account the advice we give on ways to shop securely online.

See complaint topics: First of all, be sure to check the complaint sites to see the negative dialogues that the place where you are going to shop is experiencing with people.
Virtual Pos Should Be Used: Among the e-commerce site payment methods, make sure that the site offers the possibility of payment with virtual pos. Because e-commerce sites and companies are reviewed after pos device application. In a way, having a site reviewed before you will offer more reliability.
Pay Attention to Prices: If your shopping place is not a serious brand, be skeptical if the prices are below their prices, which can be considered cheap. Never forget that everything will have a certain production and sales cost.
3D Secure Reliable Payment Method: One of the things you should pay attention to for secure online shopping is whether the 3D Secure secure payment method is used.
Virtual Card Usage: One of the ways to shop securely online is to use a virtual card. These cards, which are usually disposable and purchased with certain balances, ensure payment without providing any bank details.
Contact Information: Pay attention to the contact information available on the website where you will shop. After checking the address and phone information, try to verify its accuracy with different researches over the internet.
Payment at the Door May Not Be an Advantage: Usually, online shoppers think the payment method at the door is safe in case the product is not sent, but sometimes it can be risky. Because the fact that no banks are used in payment systems at the door makes it difficult to be tracked in case of possible negativity. In addition, sending the wrong products can be mentioned in payment systems at the door.
Do Not Make From Public Computers: Making your online purchases from public computers, i.e. internet cafes, will make your card information more of a target. So be careful to shop on your own computer.


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