Virtual pos is the general name of virtual pos online payment systems on behalf of the system you used in the background when shopping with your credit card over the internet. To describe and sample the use of virtual pos more simply, when you make a purchase with your credit card in a store or other place, you complete your shopping process by having the credit card read to the pos device. Virtual pos also operates on this logic.

Virtual pos can be used at all website addresses that want to generate revenue by selling over the internet. Esnek Pos allows you to shop safely in a simple, transparent and easy way with virtual pos. You can apply with the lowest commission and by clicking here to get a free virtual pos.

You cannot use virtual pos due to tax-free legislation without starting a company. As an alternative to virtual pos systems, you can get paid without your tax plate using our easy link system.

Virtual pos prices vary according to each company and bank. Esnek Pos, the brand of Elekse, offers it completely free of charge.

Next day paid virtual pos is among the Esnek Pos options. You can indicate this while performing the application process. It is valid until 22.00 in the virtual pos infrastructure you use over Esnek Pos. As a result of every successful transaction made through virtual pos, your IBAN account defined in the Esnek Pos system is deposited between 09.00 and 13.00.

In the virtual pos model, which provides weekly payments, payments made using Esnek Pos infrastructure are deposited between 09.00 - 13.00 in your IBAN account, which is registered in our system 7 days after the date of purchase for each successful payment. For example, every successful payment is deposited on the next Monday until 22.00 on Monday.

Virtual pos commission rates vary by company and banks. Esnek Pos normally provides a commission rate below the rates you receive from other companies, while also providing secure payment for each purchase.

Things to consider when buying virtual pos;

  • Having agreements with all banks
  • Providing installment opportunity for all cards
  • Seamlessly support all infrastructures
  • Providing secure payment infrastructure
  • Availability of support team

You can extend the above items by treating them as the main feature. The important thing here is that it provides you with support and information about these issues without problems during the use.

Woocommerce virtual pos is the most used and most referenced e-commerce software. One of the features that you should pay attention to when buying virtual pos is that the company you have agreed to provide complete service and support to all infrastructure payment systems. In virtual pos services that you will use with Esnek Pos, you can use all versions completely free of charge and get service without problems from our support line.

Opencart virtual pos is among the widely used e-commerce modules. With Esnek Pos, you can start using opencart virtual pos completely free of charge. With one click setup, you can start receiving payments easily and securely without any information.


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