With the widespread use of the Internet, many conveniences that entered our lives became one of the positive developments reflected in the trade sector. The new products that have emerged in order to get more qualified service offered within the scope of these developments continue to make our lives even easier. So, what is virtual pos, which is one of the payment methods used in e-commerce and similar sites? What exactly, what does it do? You can find detailed answers to their questions in this article.

Its main purpose is to pay for your online sales, especially on e-commerce platforms, on the internet as in physical stores. Moreover, in order to benefit from this service, you do not necessarily need to establish a company. There are many different ways to get paid with this product, which is used to get your online sales. After you sell the product and receive your payment, there is nothing you need to do other than send the product to the customer. You can charge the product fee you receive to your bank account within the period specified under the previous agreement according to the features of the virtual pos you use.

Basically, although it is a service to be used for payments to be made by credit and debit cards in physical shopping stores in our daily life, mobile payment options are also used on the internet in addition to these. However, the basis of the service is the use of debit and credit cards. After the customer who receives the product or service is directed to the payment page, he / she can enter the card information on the secure payment page and make his / her payment on the internet without compromising his comfort.

In order to receive virtual pos service, it is normally necessary to be a company, while if you work with some companies that offer this service, there is no obligation to be a company in a significant part of it. It is possible to charge for your sales through the account to be opened to you. But if you have a business where you can sell heavily, it will give you more advantages to do your business on a completely formal basis, at least by starting a small company. Many companies that provide this service demand slightly more commissions than non-companies, while the commission rate they receive from companies is less. Therefore, as a company, you can pay less commission and enjoy the different advantages of being a company.

You have to be a company and provide certain conditions in order to work directly with the banks to take advantage of this service. However, in addition to banks, it is possible to apply for virtual Pos through payment firms approved by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. A significant number of payment firms will ask you for a number of different documents, such as a tax plate, a partnership agreement, a sample of a birth certificate. In addition, the return and cancellation conditions, distance sales agreement, membership agreement and some pages that your customers should pay attention to on your website you are selling must be completed in full.

After you have provided all these conditions, you can have the virtual pos if the bank or the central bank of the Republic of Turkey approved payment institution approves your application. After all, you need to integrate the product into the checkout page of your website within the information provided to you by the relevant organization. Some payment companies may also help you place this product on your site. You can apply for virtual pos by clicking here.


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