Virtual pos applications are the easiest way to get payments from online sales. However, this service you will receive has varying commission rates. Virtual pos commission rates, which vary by company or bank, may also vary depending on sales turnover and different factors related to you.

For example, some banks apply separate virtual pos commission rates specific to those who commit to selling at a certain level per month, while others can apply different rates. Therefore, as with your sales, the company or bank you will work for is an important factor in the fact that the commission rates are more or less.

If you have a company that sells on the Internet, using virtual pos services will provide convenience to your customers, as well as significantly increase your sales.Some benefits of using this payment system are as follows;

  • Your payment goes directly to your account in the organization where you receive virtual pos service.
  • The customer will not have to deal with methods such as wire transfer and EFT, nor will they have to have a dialogue with you about it.
  • You can make installment sales.
  • Eligible for repeated payments.
  • You can get paid securely over the Internet.

There are certain commission rates that will be deducted from you in the virtual pos service you will receive. These rates may vary depending on the service sales policy of the bank or authorized institution from which you will receive the service. However, there are two most preferred methods. These methods are as follows;

If you promise a monthly or annual sale to the organization where you receive virtual pos service, appropriate commission rates can be determined. When you promise to turnover at certain intervals, you have to pay commission rate for that interval. The higher the promised turnover amount will ensure that the commission to be deducted from you is lower.

The most commonly used commission rates are fixed-based rates. Here, regardless of your turnover, you pay commission on your sales at a rate previously fixed. In this system, there is no change in the commission rate you will pay regardless of your turnover. Only some companies can grant separate concessions against turnovers that can be considered too high.

Although many companies have removed monthly or annual fixed dues outside of commissions as competition in the virtual pos market has started to increase, there are still companies that receive such dues. Here, apart from the amount of commission you pay based on your sales amount, you can be charged small fixed dues per month or annually. Esnek Pos virtual pos can apply for free and you do not need to pay any dues or different services. You can apply for virtual pos by clicking here.

In such commission rates, you will still pay commission according to your turnover without having to make any promises. In whichever range you have previously stated, the commission rate you will pay is at the rate specified for that range.


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