The fact that social media sites are intertwined with our lives has led to faster commercial activities than here. Today, everyone benefits from the power of social media, from strong brands that have proven themselves to people or companies that have just started their e-commerce life. Selling on Instagram is also one of the trades made through social media. Instagram, the world's largest visual sharing site, continues to exist more effectively in digital media, incorporating a number of changes, especially after it is sold to Facebook. Selling through Instagram, like all social networks, can offer great advantages to its users. Of course, in order to achieve these advantages, it is essential to determine a good sales strategy.

Selling on Instagram has the potential to deliver significant returns if the right marketing strategies are used. Therefore, by taking the right steps, you will significantly increase your revenues, as well as take advantage of many advantages.

Audience selection: First of all, identifying the target audience that the product or service you will sell will allow you to take better steps in the future. For example, if you sell makeup, women should make up a significant part of your target audience. The age range in this target audience is also very important and those in the average makeup age range can be targeted. Or if you're selling a soccer ball, having women in your target audience means your sales results are going to be a disaster.

Unknown features of the product:Be sure to highlight the unknown and potentially interesting features of the product or service you are selling as well as their known features. Even the simplest feature can help someone with the potential to be your customer buy the product.

Image or video selection:It is a social platform based on Instagram based on short videos and image sharing. Therefore, although it is not possible to share without images, you should definitely pay attention to the pixel quality of the images or videos related to the product you will sell.

Simplicity:It is very important for instant interaction that you prefer your post shares not with confusing sentences or images, but as simpler posts that emphasize the main subject.

Be Unique: When setting a sales strategy, it's more important to be able to come up with your own unique strategy, even if you're inspired by other people's sales strategies. In this way, you can attract their attention by offering people something new.

Hashtag usage:One of the best ways to reach more people by minimizing your ad costs is using Hashtags. Be sure to include labels for your target audience and product, as well as tags related to where you sell.

Don't overwhelm people: It's important to adjust the frequency of sharing well. Instead of sharing frequently, it's better to share at regular intervals so as not to make people forget yourself.

Advertise: You can finally try advertising to get more sales. Advertising a well-crafted post so that your audience sees it is an important strategy you'll use to sell on Instagram.

Increasing your product sales is the most important benefit. While selling, we can ensure that your products and services are placed under people's consciousness. Since eye familiarity will occur in humans, reliability towards the product will increase. Increases your awareness.


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